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Namibia the land of wide-open spaces is situated in the South-western part of the African Continent.  In the west of the country lies the Namib Desert and the more north you go the more lush the country side becomes with temperatures between 5 C and 35 C from March to October.

Most of the hunting areas are situated in the North east of the country in the Grootfontein area –  70 000 acres and other concession in the central Mountain area Large numbers of Eland and Kudu is common in our Northern area.  Other big game like Oryx, Zebra, Hartebeest, Blue wildebeest, Black Wildebeest, Impala, Springbuck, Blesbuck,  Warthog, Duiker, Steenbok, Dik-Dik, Jackal, Baboon, Leopard, Giraffe,  and most of the smaller species are available  Large numbers of hunt able game birds like Guinea foul and doves is common.



Duiker Safaris - the premier Namibia hunting outfitter is proud to offer the highest quality of plains game hunting, Leopard hunting in Namibia. We have over 20 plains game hunting species such as Kudu, Eland, Oryx to name a few. At Duiker Safaris, we take considerable pride in the manner in which we conduct our traditional African hunting safaris, as well as bow hunting safaris. Experience an hunting safari adventure of a lifetime.




Our clients consistently leave with top quality trophies, since the trophy hunting season in 2003, several trophies in Namibia were taken at Duiker Safaris according to Namibia Professional Hunter Association (NAPHA). In the last few years, several of our hunting trophies reach NAPHA Gold Medal standards or higher, which is why so many of our clients have returned to hunt Namibia with us again and have sent their friends.

Namibia hunting safari is tailored to meet your specific desires with your unsurpassed satisfaction being our foremost priority. Each African hunt is adapted to provide choice and variety of safari hunting methods, including bow hunting safaris. According to your quarry, preliminary sighting may be done by 4x4 vehicle with closer approach on foot, stalking and tracking, waiting from several strategically located permanent blinds or from a makeshift hide as the plains game hunting necessitates. As a compliment to your game hunting safari, there may be an opportunity, depending upon the season, for some action packed wingshooting adventure..




Our trophy hunting season in Namibia opens in February and runs through November, being 10 months long it incorporates each of the four seasons. There are no particular months when plains game hunting is necessarily better, but time constraints or personal considerations such as weather, touring, wingshooting, bow hunting or specific seasonal activities might make a certain period of time more desirable to you. Keep in mind while pondering your dates for hunting in Namibia, that seasons in Namibia, since we are in the Southern hemisphere are opposite of those in the Northern hemisphere.





We encourage you to contact a few of our clients as safari hunting references, there is no better way to gain confidence in Duiker Safaris reputation. Our safari hunting reference list will gladly be provided to you upon request, so that we may ensure the privacy of our clients.





With many years of experience refining their skills, our skinners working under the guidance of your Professional Hunter, will ensure that each of your hunting trophies is prepared to your specifications and treated with the exacting care it deserves. Once we have completed the first preparation of your hunting trophies, as soon as possible after your hunting safari your trophies will be personally delivered to our African animal taxidermist, who will disinfect, pack and crate your hunting trophies and deliver them to the consignor / shipping agent. Please note that you may choose to have your African taxidermy work done in Namibia, partially or fully, or you can have it sent to be done by your own taxidermist. We recommend that you bring to Namibia your taxidermist's contact information along with their trophy tags, which your taxidermist should easily be able to supply you with. African taxidermy prices will be emailed to you on request.




While most shots are taken from within a 110 yards (100 meters), they can range from fairly close in thicker bush to relatively long distances up to 250 yards (230 meters) on open plains, so a good variable scope is suggested, you may also consider bringing a monopod or bipod. Any calibre .270 or higher may be used for most plains game hunting but we strongly recommend a .300 Magnum calibre rifle or higher. About 60 rounds of ammunition should be sufficient for a twelve-day hunt. We think it best that you bring some type of wearable rifle cartridge carrier. We recommend that clients bring their own rifle, although firearms and ammunition may be hired by prior arrangement For optimal performance, rifle sighting will be done prior to the commencement of your hunting safari.




In the central high plains of Namibia at an elevation of 5200 feet (1600 meter), the temperature range can be rather extreme, typically varying 35° F (20° C) between daily highs and lows. During the early and late months of the hunting season, the occasional rainstorm can disrupt the clear sunny skies; although there may be heavy showers they are usually short in duration and typically occur in the late afternoon or evening. In reality our climate is pleasantly low in humidity, the dry heat being much more tolerable and therefore more conducive to hunting than is the case in most other hunting destinations in Africa.




Duiker Safaris hunting camp is a comfortable haven where you may relax with a cold beverage neatly prepared and served by our friendly staff, while pondering the fruits of a successful day on safari. Look forward to indulging in a variety of delectable meals featuring African game as well as more customary entrees, and coupled with fine South African wines. Followed by entertaining and memorable evenings spent in the company of your congenial Professional Hunter. A traditional Namibian barbeque (“braai”) may be enjoyed. Individually accommodated in one of our first-class bungalows, separate from the main ranch house, our guests will find their surroundings tastefully appointed with spacious bathrooms. We stock an assortment of soft drinks and fruit juices as well as local beers, wines and liquors. Our water is clean and safe to drink although bottled water is available upon request. For special dietary requirements, meal or beverage preferences will be catered to as best we can. Our trained house personnel also provide daily maid and laundry service.




We encourage you to contact a few of our clients as safari hunting references, there is no better way to gain confidence in Duiker Hunting Safaris reputation. Our safari hunting reference list will gladly be provided to you upon request, so that we may ensure the privacy of our clients




Once your hunting safari has been confirmed, Duiker Hunting Safaris will obtain your hunting permits on your behalf, which is part of our all inclusive pricing.




Many of our hunters and their guests take the opportunity while in Namibia, usually following their hunting safari, to see more of our beautiful country. We would be happy to arrange an itinerary and guide your customized program, according to your interests and time availability, from half-day excursions to extensive tours of the country. Every detail will be taken care of during your all-inclusive private tour. All travel will be done in comfortable, reliable vehicles, although for some more remote destinations it may be preferable to charter an aircraft to save time (for an additional charge). Be assured, whatever the destination that we always provide our guests with the best accommodations and services available. Although the sightseeing opportunities in Namibia are too numerous to list, you will find a brief description below of our most popular destinations. Please contact us to discuss the many touring options available.




A journey to Namibia would be incomplete without a visit to Etosha National Park, our most popular excursion destination and one of the world’s greatest game reserves. A one-day visit is possible due to the park’s close proximity to Duiker Hunting Safaris, leaving early in the morning, with an two and a half hour drive to the northern gate and returning later that evening. Although a two-day tour to Etosha, with an overnight stay at Okaukuejo , within the park, is preferable for those who wish to experience the night game viewing. At the floodlit waterhole, it is common to see Elephant, Black and White Rhinoceros, Lion, Leopard, Hyena or often-unseen nocturnal species. This huge sanctuary is home to over 100 mammal species including many rare and endangered animals and is some 8,598 square miles (22.270 km2) in extent with a network of 435 miles (700 km) of gravel roads. Please contact us for prices.




Visiting Swakopmund, a colonial German seaside town and Namibia’s premier holiday resort, is like stepping back in time. Not only will you be enchanted by its historic European charm, but delighted by the multitude of diverse points of interest to be explored within the immediately surroundings.



Your final destination will be Windhoek International Airport, just outside the Capital of Namibia, where you will be met by us and taken by car (a 5 hour drive) to Duiker Hunting Safaris. Since there are no direct flights from any U.S. city to Namibia, there are basically two options available; flying to Namibia via South Africa or a major European city. Should you be travelling to or through South Africa, leaving the airport with your firearms, you will be required to fill out the new
South Africa Firearms Permit Application Form.
You may wish to consider purchasing trip cancellation insurance, contact your insurance agent or try CSA Travel Protection Insurance at http://www.csatravelprotection.com or (800) 873.9855. Consider also insurance for your baggage, including your firearm(s), medical, 24 hour assistance..., from your travel agent or insurance agent (to compare and obtain prices online visit http://insuremytrip.com for your travel insurance plans from 14 different companies). Gracy Travel International of San Antonio, Texas, is a travel agency that specializes in sending hunters to Africa and around the world. You may contact them at (210) 698.2611, (800) 299.8558 or http://www.gracytravel.com.

Air Namibia: http://www.airnamibia.com.na

South African Airways: http://www.flysaa.com

Lufthansa: http://www.lufthansa.com


All foreigners must be in possession of a passport that will remain valid for at least six months after the intended date of departure from Namibia.

U.S. Department of State - Passport Services and Information http://travel.state.gov/passport_services.html



Citizens of the United States, Canada, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and United Kingdom planning to spend no more than 90 days in Namibia, with a return ticket, will be issued a visa at the airport upon arrival. Persons possessing passports from other countries may be required to obtain an entry visa prior to departure from their country. This should be done well in advance as it can take some time. You may check visa requirements for foreigners travelling to Namibia http://www.mfa.gov.na/frames/visasframe.htm.



Airlines at your departure point may be more liberal concerning baggage weight than airlines departing from Namibia; they are strict about total weight for checked baggage not being more than 44 lbs (20 kg) otherwise you may be charged hefty excess baggage fees. Gun weight should not be included in the calculation of total weight.


Safari hunting wear should be comfortably fitting and made of a sturdy fabric, we suggest cotton in khaki or a neutral color. We recommend layering clothing since temperature changes throughout the day can be significant, typically varying 35° F (20° C) from day to night. It is essential that hunting boots be comfortable and well broken-in. Due to the thorn bush, we advise against wearing shorts for hunting. For your convenience laundry is done on a daily basis; packing should be done with this in mind..

- Casual clothing and shoes for evenings, leisure time and travel
- Underclothes
- Socks
- Hunting boots
- Several pairs of long pants for hunting
- Variety of short and long sleeved shirts for hunting
- Warm sweaters
- A light jacket for wind or rain
- A warm jacket  
- Gloves (functional for hunting)
- Hat for the sun
- Sunglasses
- Sun block with high SPF
- Lip balm with UV protection
- Bathing suit
- Flashlight and batteries
- Camera and film and/or video camera, tapes and charger
- Converter (220 to 110 volts)
- Binoculars
- Bag or pack for taking personal items on hunt
- Leather belt and ammunition pouch
- Firearm(s) and ammunition (see Arms & Ammunition section)
- Personal items, toiletries, eyeglasses, medications, etc.


In the unlikely event of an emergency, we have sophisticated medical services available in Grootfontein, 60 miles away. No inoculations are required to enter Namibia, although international travellers are generally advised to keep Hepatitis A vaccinations up to date. Malaria does occur in our arid region. Should you decide to take malaria medication, consult your doctor well before your departure. For current information visit the Center for Disease Control - Travellers' Health web site at http://www.cdc.gov/travel/safrica.htm.

Namibian Embassy in USA

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American Embassy in Namibia

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Windhoek, Namibia
Tel (264) 61.221.601
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